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The bees-knees of negotiating skills

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Published 16 Oct 2012

[cont'd]   It also provides lists of company telephone numbers, the ability to record your savings and take notes for each call you make and automatic reminders for when to call back and renegotiate.
I was going to say that Ramit Sethi was like the Anthony Robbins of negotiation but that seemed a little unfair. But there are obviously methods of negotiation that have a tendency to work. For example, having worked in retail for a while I noticed early on that if a customer came in and asked for a discount it was very difficult for my fellow workers to say no to them and they generally got something out of it. There is also a well known electrical and white goods company I know of that prints in code on the goods the lowest price their salespeople can go to. You just have to know these things. And that is precisely what this easy to use app excels at - negotiating your deals.