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Nelio A/B Testing is the most powerful and versatile conversion optimization service for WordPress. It helps you define, manage, and keep track of A/B-testing experiments, combined with powerful and beautiful Heatmaps. Get everything you need from within your WordPress dashboard, where you'll benefit from a lovely, integrated, and familiar user experience. The Most Powerful A/B Testing Solution for WordPress Improve your landing pages, write better posts, create alternative pages, go beyond simple title testing and start testing headlines, try new themes, test different menus, modify your CSS rules, and test alternative widgets! Moreover, Nelio A/B is also compatible with some of your most beloved plugins such as, for instance, OptimizePress, Gravity Forms, or Contact Form 7.
Designed as a Service Our plugin lifts all the processing load from your own server and takes it back to our cloud. This way, A/B tests do not slow down your site or interfere with your hosting provider limits. In addition, in our opinion services guarantee an amazing support, because we have to earn your trust day by day! If you want to benefit from our service, subscribe to one of our plans and get your account! All subscription plans include a 14-day free trial period. Reasons for choosing Nelio
Take a look at the following reasons for choosing Nelio A/B Testing!
#1 - Native A/B Testing Solution for WordPress There's no need to learn an external tool. Define, manage, and track the progress of your experiments directly from within WordPress. Nelio A/B Testing provides a lovely and well-known user interface that simplifies the process of creating alternatives and applying the winning ones.
#2 - Create Alternative Content for your Pages (and Posts) When creating A/B experiments, the first things you'll want to test are the pages of your website. Does this button work? Do my visitors go from the landing page to my pricing page? What if I change this background image? Nelio A/B Testing makes page (and post) experiments super easy!
#3 - Go beyond simple title tests—Test Headlines! Are you a Publisher? Are you an avid blogger? Then, you probably want to deliver to every reader a more engaging and relevant reading experience. Nelio A/B Testing includes is the first A/B testing tool for WordPress that offers Headline Experiments. Given a post in your site, create alternative titles, excerpts, and featured images, and discover which combination gets more visitors to click the link and further read the post from anywhere in your site!
#4 - Test Widgets Nelio A/B Testing is the only solution that includes Menu and Widget Testing. Use the WordPress' default user interface for creating new menus and widget sets. You'll be able to duplicate your current menus and widgets, and modify them with just a few clicks. Discover which combination improves your conversion rate!
#5 - Beautiful Heatmaps and Clickmaps Heatmaps (and Clickmaps) offer valuable information about what your visitors do and don't do when they land to your website. Also, they are a perfect companion of A/B experiments, for they give insights on what to text next and help you understand the progress of your experiments.
#6 - Test Alternative Themes and CSS If you're planning to change your theme, or tweak its CSS rules, make sure they'll benefit your business. Nelio A/B Testing makes theme and CSS testing extremely easy! Simply select the themes you want to test (or define the alternative CSS rules you want to apply), and the plugin will take care of the rest.
#7 - Conversion Actions and Evolution of Your Experiments With Nelio A/B Testing, you can track the important actions your visitors take. Don't get lost with tons of irrelevant options and data. Focus on what matters. Our plugin will offer you fresh information about the evolution of the experiment, with nice graphics about visitors and conversions.
#8 - Cache Support and Server Load One of our priorities is efficiency. The process of A/B testing a site is not necessarily at odds with performance. Nelio A/B Testing implements several mechanisms to reduce the impact of testing your site, such as a Performance Must-Use Plugin (that reduces response times of any AJAX request triggered by Nelio), support for cache systems in WordPress, and optional site-wide consistency (if you're testing a page or post, not only that page or post has to change, but also any page that includes a widget referencing it).
#9 - Outstanding Support We work very hard to offer an amazing support to all our customers. If you encounter compatibility issues or you have problems setting the plugin up and running, contact us and we'll do our best to help you!
#10 - Subscription Plans that Fit Your Needs Nelio A/B Testing aims to offer a complete A/B testing experience for everybody.
That's why you can create an unlimited number of experiments of any kind subscribing to any of our packages.Just check our subscription plans and select the one that better suits your needs.

Last updated 1 Apr 2015