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Net Orbit is a user PC monitoring software can be used for employee tracking & supervision and ... More

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Published 9 Feb 2014

The introduction of the computer systems has been such a boon to business over the last twenty years or so that it's impossible to envisage life without them. But with them comes other problems - especially now that every man and his dog seems to belong to some form of social network. There is always the temptation for them to log into their Facebook or Twitter account, play online games or, God forbid, watch porn sites and waste the time that you are paying them for. So, how can you monitor what they are doing behind their computer screens and ensure that the time they spend at work is spent actually working rather than surfing the net? Net Orbit is a comprehensive social media monitoring application for Windows computers that tracks what your workers are looking at in real-tine and as they work.
Are you worried that your employees are wasting time at their workstation by surfing the net, checking their social networks or watching porn? It's not easy to check what they are looking at without looking over their shoulder, is it? Net Orbit is a PC monitoring application that can be used for employee tracking, supervision and classroom monitoring. It allows a company or school to simultaneously view all of its networked computer screens live on its own desktop and, if necessary, allows admin to take complete control of a computer and block unauthorized websites, social media and more. After you install this small application to...