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Published 16 May 2014

[cont'd] have live monitoring of your individual spending categories and you can capture any new expenses in no time at all.  You can then check at any time just how much of your budget s still available for the current period. Break it down into individual spending categories too, if you like. And, on top of all this, NetIncome also provides a comprehensive manual with guides to successful personal budgeting, the importance of financial planning to plan for the future and how to managing your spending.  For your security, all of your data is only stored locally on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.
Many a conservative politician worldwide has spouted the theory that you should run a country's budget in the same way that you run a household one. It's an absolute load of rubbish, of course. Governments go on exponentially whereas you often only get one chance in your personal situation. That's the reason that is vitally important to know where you stand financially. Can you afford that Natuzzi couch this month or will it have to wait till next? Have you got enough money in your grocery account category to bulk buy a bargain? With NetIncome you will have all that information instantly and in your pocket. Don't get caught out by being caught short in your pocket.