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Published 2 Nov 2012

I have this one area of my kitchen at home that is impossible to get any WiFi reception in. It's almost like there is a lead curtain around it because there is no logical reason why it should be the case. Now, I'm not sure I would rush out and grab an analytics application like this one for my apartment but, if we were talking about a business or hotel that relies on WiFi, there are certainly good reasons for using it. NetSpot is a WiFi analyzing app for Mac that allows you to draw a detailed map of your WiFi connectivity in every little nook and cranny of your building so that you know exactly where you need to improve things.
Wi-Fi networking is great, unless you’re getting a weak or intermittent signal. While your Mac can show you some detailed information about the quality of your connection it can get rather time consuming to go through the motions of finding the best place for your access point to service all your areas. NetSpot allows you to do a site survey for your home or building where you can build a diagram that shows your Wi-Fi parameters whether it be for a floor or a whole section of your place. The first step is to create a map and use the basic drawing tools to provide some detail for walls and other features of the location. You can also apply text labels. Once you’ve drawn your map you can take your portable Mac and go to various points  on the map and sample values for all nearby Wi-Fi access points. Once you’re complete, your map will display color-coded values for Signal to Noise Ratio, Signal Level, Quantity of Access Points, Noise Level or Signal to Interference Ratio. This lets you easily find out where you can get the best signal and where to place your access point to provide the best coverage.
NetSpot is an app that is going to save you a lot of time if you are trying to work out why people are complaining that their WiFi connection is so bad in certain places of the building. There are several editions of this easy to use yet somewhat detailed app available. Rather than paying for costly specific hardware NetSpot offers a free version that features many of the best features that are expanded on with the Pro and Enterprise versions. All versions offer a simple and accurate set of WiFi discovery tools that will do the job better.

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