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Neuoogle is a changed based search tool. It allows you to created search on your phone, which ... More

Editor's review

Published 26 Nov 2013

While Google is a highly effective search engine for many, there are definitely times when it seems to be a little bogged down with too much information. For those of us that need to nail down something very specific on the net it would help if we could slightly change the way we search. Neuoogle offers what is known as a 'changed base' search tool for those of us that need to home in on an item or a subject and keep track of all references to it - now and in the future. This iPhone application lets you create specific word searches that are stored and run continually on their server. Any new results are then sent to you with a notification.
Neuoogle is a new smartphone application - great for researchers as well as interested observers - that strips away much of the rubbish and defines your internet searches. It aims to put you in the driver's seat of your searches and allows you to search and utilize specific keywords and web sites. To find what you are looking for.  Your searches are then run over and over again on the app's servers and,  when something has changed and new results appear, you will receive a notification - meaning no more repetitive searching.  Concerned about fame or your privacy? How about if you were notified every time your name was mentioned on the net? Imagine how much more productive you could be if you knew exactly when a product was put up for sale. Or if you could be notified when a specific spa hotel voucher goes up for sale at your favourite voucher site. And then theres that dream house you've always been interested in. You could be notified when it is finally listed by a real estate agent? With Neuoogle you'd know all of these things instantly by notification. What's more, you won't have to spend hours sitting in front of your computer running the same searches every day in order to be able to find them.
If you have ever searched for anything on the net and been confronted by pages of useless websites and youtube clips before you find what you are looking for you will want to have access to Neuoogle. This changed base search tool is the perfect way of circumventing all the stuff you aren't interested in and finding the specific ones that you are  - and without having to spend hours in front of your computer. I love the way you can just put in the necessary keywords and let their server do all the filtering and searching work. The icing on the cake is the notifications of new stuff you are interested in, saving vast amounts of research time. At the moment, Neuoogle is purely an iPhone application but iPad and Android versions are just around the corner.

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