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Neutrino is designed to help small and medium businesses share ideas and document important ... More

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Published 21 Feb 2012

It's all very well if you have a large company with the funds to have designated people to notate ideas and log everything that goes on within your business walls but it's not so easy if you are a small business with only a few of you doing all the work. Neutrino is a wiki share business tool that organizes and helps the small to medium sized business keep a tab on ideas and important information so none of your concept go amiss and enable you to never forget why an idea came about in the first place.
What sets a successful business apart from its competitors is quite often the innovative ideas it generates and the ability to put them into practice. Lets face it, its ideas that run the world. You've only got to look at the career of someone like former Apple boss Steve Jobs to understand that. Ideas are important and you don't want them to get lost just because you can't act on them right away.   Neutrino is a business application that was designed and developed to help small and medium businesses share ideas and data and document important information and the process that was gone through to come up with them. Neutrino's request for comments system makes it easy for anyone in the business to share ideas and solicit feedback from either their team or the entire company. Then the notifications let everyone know someone is...