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Is a design task turning into a Herculean one for you? If that is the case, then you will love ... More

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Published 24 Aug 2013

I'm sure any of you designers out there will know only too well that great design is all about the initial inspiration for a project. There is little more satisfying than visualizing a finished image in your head of how the end project is going to look. When that inspiration is there, all is good and all tends to run smoothly, but there is little more frustrating for a designer when it doesn't. Maybe you are stumped for a logo for your project or some type of illustration to make it more eye catching? So, what do you do when you just can't find what you are looking for? You turn to an inspirational art and design application like this one. New Design Inspiration is an online resource of logos, illustrations, patterns and artwork - all designed by professional designers and photographers - that becomes a great resource of knowledge as well as inspiration for any kind of designer.
If you have a design task that is beginning to turn into a bit of a nightmare for you, then you will love The Design Inspiration (TDI). This  online resource has been sourced from great designers and exists purely to inspire other designers when the dreaded design-block kicks in - which it does for all of us at times. Inside has been gathered heaps of excellent logos, illustrations, websites, photos and patterns that acts as a showcase of talent and as a source of inspiration. You can view a bit...