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Published 24 Aug 2013

[cont'd] of background information on your image too, if you like, and see how popular it has proven to be. It shows how many times each design has been visualized - which will give you a pretty good idea as to which designs are the most popular right now.  Check out the categories sections to find individual images. The categories include “Logo Designs”, “Illustration Art”, “Website Showcase”, “Creative Photo”, “Business Cards Design”, “Typography Inspiration” and “Patterns Download”.
Having taken a pretty good look through the designs on show in New Design Inspiration I can see that they are of a pretty high quality. To be honest, I've already had a couple of good ideas after scrolling through the projects. Click on each image and there is a pretty interesting overview of the designer responsible with some well chosen words. The whole point of this free app is to make the designer's life an easier one and to act as a kick in the butt to inspire you to find that perfect image or logo for your project. It's a useful set of tools to have in your arsenal.