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Skillendar is a neighbourhood network and skills & services marketplace for you to connect with ... More

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Published 16 Aug 2012

It used to be your local paper or phone book that you went to when you needed a local tradesman or service but sadly, the local paper probably went out of business and the days of the phone book are well numbered. So how do you connect with skilled people in your local community these days? Online, that's how. Skillendar is a community social network application that lets you look into your own neighborhood to find services and skilled tradespeople that might not have a Main Street shop at their disposal but have all the skills to complete the job you need done. And with the typical skilled person probably being someone working a second job or a student you can negotiate a fair and much cheaper price to do the job than maybe Main Street will charge you.
Skillendar is a neighborhood network and skills and services marketplace for you to connect with and reach out to your local community. If you think of Facebook as being a network for friends and LinkedIn a network for professionals, then you have to think of Skillendar is a network for your neighborhood. The application  has a unique calendar based skill search that helps you find the availability of people in your local area who are open to share their time or provide a service at a glance. And here is where the name Skillendar comes in - it is short for 'Skills On Calendar'. Anyone can become a provider and...