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Published 4 Feb 2012

So, I presume everyone has pretty well been switched over to Facebook Timeline by now. Looks pretty good, doesn't it? The big danger, though, is that now it has become the norm, all the timeline pages have started to look rather similar. Widescreen photo at the top against the typical white background etc etc. Well, the rather aptly named newFBCover design application puts a new slant on your cover page by turning it into something special. This online app allows you to use stock photos or upload your own and arrange you page just how you want it.
newFBCover is an online web application that allows you to create your Facebook Timeline's cover in the way you want it. newFBCover allows you to upload photos that you want to use to create a cover collage and rearrange or rotate the photos in any ways that you like. Once you are satisfied with the final cover collage you can easily export it as a JPEG format and upload to Facebook as your Facebook cover. In addition, newFBCover also provides  a service for you to upload your photo and do some special effects editing on your cover. The special effects available are Lomo, Oil-painting, Charcoal, Blur, Sepia, Greyscale, Exposure, Snow and Colors adjustment. The dimensions suitable for Facebook Timeline are taken care of by the web tool. The best thing is, all this is done on your browser and requires no additional software. Plus, it is a free service!
newFBCover is a free design application that lets you create your Facebook Timeline cover just the want it. You can create a cover with enhanced colours and style or make it look like an olden days photograph. All you have to do is choose the photographs you want and the rest is done automatically. If you have lots of photos then it's easy to create a collage of your favorites. Let's face it, familiarity breeds contempt and it's easy to get bored with your Facebook image. newFBCover will revolutionize your front page and amaze your friends with it's beauty.

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