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Developer description

How many times have you wondered how great it would be to find someone in your neighborhood or meet somebody who is at least 60% fit for you? Or just to know if somebody likes you or not?
Well, your dream has come true!
Discover our new, small and user-friendly WebApp.
The app’s name is FriendFinderApp. You can easily run it from
The good point about it is that it is a really user friendly one.
Just start off with the customary registration and then use your login to enter the app.
You will be moved to our Questionary-Site so as to enter your sex, body type, moral virtues, hobbies, etc. Your photo would come in very handy! The following section is the qualities you wish to find in the person you need. Finally, input the search settings: search leniency (recommended – 60%), search range, search query actuation frequency, etc.! These settings are also crucial when looking for the right person. Use the appropriate buttons to save all your settings (your qualities, qualities of the person you need and search options) or else the search will never start.

When you are done with the key items move on and give it try!
FriendFinderApp will sort out people from your neighborhood in search for those matching your criteria. If it finds any, the appropriate small thumbnails will be mapped accordingly.
The thumbnails are framed red, yellow or green depending on the type of person (please find further details in the Questionnairy-Site).

Click on the thumbnail to see the person’s info. You can contact the person, communicate, or block him/her. Use the app to locate people you find and navigate yourself via your cell phone.

Don’t get frustrated even if you have no search results! That does not necessarily mean that the qualities you entered are somewhat irregular. Maybe it is that you’re the only one using this app in the neighborhood. Discuss FriendFinderApp with your friends! The more people use it, the easier it is to find somebody you really need!

Have a good time and good luck searching new people!

By the way:
Google Chrome, Opera and Firefox are best suited to operate this app on a PC. Unfortunately, Internet Explorer is not currently supported. Certainly, you can operate the app on your cell phone if you have the Internet connection and, preferably, the GPS (e.g., iPhone, Samsung Galaxy…)

Truly yours,

Last updated 6 Aug 2015