Developer description

News Gyre is a new-age news aggregate site that presents you with a 360 degree view on world events. News sources from around the globe are brought together to present every side of the story, allowing you to compare articles and come to your own conclusions.

Part of changing the way news is experienced involves improving the way you interact with and explore world events. News Gyre tackles this by presenting you with a varying set of presentation formats. These views range from a vintage newspaper-style columns layout to a map that pinpoints the locations of major events for the geographically inclined.

Several steps are also taken to ensure that you can always find the stories that interest you. News Gyre uses analysis data from social media networks to help determine the focus of the public eye, using the data to sort the aggregate articles and present you with only the most relevant, up-to-date stories.

News Gyre's goal is to provide a bias-free aggregate news outlet that fosters independent thinking through broad exposure to worldwide news sources.

Last updated 14 Aug 2013