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Published 31 Oct 2011

If you run a news or blog site, or indeed if you run several of them, NewsCurve is likely to be something of real interest to you. Some of the guys contributing to your site might not think so but hey that’s their problem.

What you’ll get with this site is a real editor’s friend and what the story writers will probably consider to be an unwelcome spy in the camp. Whatever way you look at it you’ll know very quickly which of them is pulling in the readers and which ones need to sharpen their pencils. For all authors you can get seven and 30 day reports showing exactly how busy they’ve been and if their efforts are bearing fruit.

Apart from a bit of journo bashing NewsCurve’s analytics can also tell you what’s swimming or sinking in respect of content and topic and it does so fast enough for you to be able to make quick decisions such as dropping an item completely or extending the life of one that’s flying.

It can be as simple or as detailed as you want with a general overview capability coupled with the ability to drill down into specific articles. It will also show you where the traffic is coming from and how many retweets and Facebook likes an article has attracted.

There is a free version for 1 website with 100,000 monthly page views and the paid plans start at just $29 a month. For this you can run...