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NewsHugs is a web and mobile site dedicated to highlighting the positive news so often ignored ... More

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Published 19 Mar 2013

Life's not all bad news. But you wouldn't believe that when you are looking at the news tv news programs or reading newspapers these days. Tsunami's in Asia, shootings in America and floods in every nook and cranny the world over - these news stories seem to be the bastion of modern reporting. The more tragic the story is, the more papers or advertising space gets sold. But, it doesn't have to be like that. America's ABC News with Diane Sawyer tends to be dotted with unsentimental feel good stories but it seems to be the only one. And that is where this social news application comes in! NewsHugs is a free media app that concentrates on positive news stories and videos from all over the world. 'Hug' your favorite stories and send them to the top of the rankings tree and sit back and watch them go viral.
NewsHugs is a web and mobile site dedicated to highlighting the positive and feel-good news stories and videos that are so often ignored by the traditional media. Readers can then 'hug' their favorite good news stories to help them achieve higher rankings and make it easier for other readers to enjoy. Then you can share your favorite NewsHugs stories with your family and friends using Facebook, Twitter or via the email sharing links on ,Alternatively, you  can send good news ideas to NewsHugs with the 'Suggest huggable news' link. NewsHugs also features active social...