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Newsmeister is a short, but substantial U.S. daily news quiz designed for people like you. This ... More

Editor's review

Published 10 Mar 2017

It's often said these days that people are nowhere near as cluey about the news and current events of the day as they used to be. This is strange in itself because we are subjected to more news stories than ever before via television, newspapers and online. Maybe it has something to do with the former and latter tending to offer up sound bites of news rather than the whole story. People tend to look at a headline and think they know all the facts rather than bothering to read all the details.

Here's a new game for iOS and Android that can do something about that whilst providing a heck of a lot of fun at the same time. Newsmeister is a short but meaty daily current affairs quiz based on US news stories of the day. These multiple choice quizzes, which are short and sweet at around 3 minutes a piece, help you to brush up on the latest news stories about politics, sport, pop culture, the history of the day, science, entertainment, literature and current affairs. Each question is accompanied by its original news source along with a full explanation of the correct answer. The questions are challenging and rely on the viewer actually having some knowledge of the subject matter and being aware of what's going on in the news in recent days. Trivia fans will love it.

Newsmeister is frequently updated with the latest stories and is the basis for great trivia competitions between family and friends. You can challenge your colleagues at work or your fellow students at school and test their knowledge of the day's events. The app features 16 daily multiple-choice questions based on the very latest news available. After you've completed your quiz you can check the leaderboards to see who is paying attention the most. The daily leaderboards list all the high scores and other interesting data from the previous day. Check out how you fare personally and compare your score with your friends' scores or against the scores of other people who live in the same city or state as you.

There are some apps that stand out as ones that are going to be successful and Newsmeister fits that bill perfectly. It has been featured as a Google Indie Highlight with over 50,000 downloads so far. Its real beauty lies in its ability to entertain as well as to challenge and inform users about all the goings on in your city and country. Newsmeister is designed specifically for the regular person on the street rather than for academics and Harvard graduates. To succeed at the game you simply have to pay attention to what's going on in the country that you live in.

I spent a good amount of time playing Newsmeister before reviewing this game. I found it challenging as well as stimulating. At around three minutes for each quiz it's great to play when you have a spare moment. Whether you are commuting to or from work, on your lunch break or even on that quick bathroom break if it comes to that. It's a great way to relax while staying informed of the latest events in the news. Next up for Newsmeister sees the launch of a student competition where classes are pitted against each other. You can play the game for free on iPhone, iPad, Android (and even through Facebook with no download required) and it's available now. I think it will raise the level of our knowledge base of newsworthy events whilst providing a good deal of entertainment to boot.

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