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Published 24 Sep 2021

[cont'd] Well, Newsreels could be just the thing you need.

Newsreels is an app for Android that aims to revolutionize how we get our news in the future. It uses two visual formats - reels and bullets - to display all the main stories from all corners of the globe. The developers consider that the traditional format of headlines plus full articles has become less and less relevant to the smart-phone generation, so Newsreels deliver the news in short summaries and keeps them updated regularly. The app covers a wider spectrum of publishers - both global and regional - than many news outlets, so the volume of news available is huge. You can customize the app to only show news from specific sources or organizations whether they be big or small or from the countries, cities or places that interest you most. Content creators are given the option of collaboration to increase their own publishing audience. What's more, the developers claim that they will deliver 100% accurate news and can deliver it up to twenty times faster than conventional news outlets.

There are two ways to access news stories using Newsreels. First up there's the 'bullet summarizations' engine that saves you plenty of time by listing all the important bullet points of a news story. Then there's the 'newsreels' format where you can simply swipe through a never-ending stream of news reels that includes a video upload feed and gives it a visual feel that's kinda similar to Instagram...