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Published 24 Sep 2021

[cont'd] or TikTok. And we know just how much they love those two, don't we? You get all the news, updated regularly and in a digestible format.

Newsreels is a one-stop portal that was conceived during the 2020 pandemic because of the voracious need for more and more up-to-date news. Rather than having to move back and forth between sources, this is the app where you'll find everything from local to global news at your fingertips. Whether you are looking for the latest Covid news or want to find out what's happening in the 'old country,' Newsreels is the place to go. The developers’ aim is to deliver the quickest and best possible news service for modern day people who don't have heaps of time to keep up with everything that's happening around the world. It's available for free for Android in Google Play.