Developer description

Newsvoice: Unbiased News is a free crowdsourced news app with the aim to present readers with balanced and unbiased news. The app uses machine learning and text analysis to automatically scan and collect news from thousands of media sites. The news is categorized and then presented together to offer different angles, perspectives and sources.

The app has been developed by Viktor Lidholt from Sweden. Viktor quit his job with Google with a vision to fix the news. The app has since enjoyed tremendous success. Built with the support of volunteers, the platform is growing fast to be the best news app for many. It currently boasts of over 65,000 active users during the past month.

Download the app now for free and you would join a growing community which shares a common goal of fighting media bias and fake news. As a user, one can upvote stories they think are important, add news links, write summaries and headlines, and join discussions around each story. Summaries are moderated for facts, to ensure there is no bias or opinion.

Newsvoice goes beyond being just another news aggregator. It is focused on moving the power over the news to its readers. This is helping build a truly independent and unbiased news source.

The platform has also recently released an exciting feature called Newsvoice Play. With this, users can listen to their own personal newsfeed. It builds a “tracklist” of stories, based on their preferences and reads them out to them. A tailored radio station that makes it easier to keep track of news that matters to one.

Last updated 25 Jul 2020

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