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Newzmate - is a news aggregation service for socially active people who need to follow lots of ... More

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Published 7 Aug 2013

It seems that the way we get our news in this online world has changed. what's more, it's going to change a hell of a lot more over the next five years or so. Every time I look at a story in my usual online newspaper it is telling me that pretty soon I'm going to have to pay for the privilege of reading anything more than the story summary. So the answer for many of us is to hunt out our own news. However, what starts off as leisurely exercise can often turn into a lengthy encounter searching through Google for suitable leads. Newzmate is a totally personalized news aggregator that gives you the flexibility to find all the news you need from a multitude of sources and have it presented in one easy-to-read page.
Newzmate is a smart news aggregator for socially active people that may need to follow multiple events. It aims to turn  news into an event and delivers only the important news in the most simple and flexible way based purely on the user's interest.  Using smart logic, this social media and news application enables you to turn any news item into a true event and get all  related material of your selected topic delivered right into your email.  Select categories, favorite websites and enter arbitrary keywords orcombine several of them flexibly to get amazingly relevant streams.  If you find a story of particular interest,  you...