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Published 7 Aug 2013

[cont'd] can  dive deeper with just a click on the related #tags right on a news item to discover fresh new stuff on connected topics! Newzmate is the simplest way to follow important events with just one click along with the added bonus of any recent updates. You can filter your search with a number of categories like technology, business or politics to receive the exact information you are looking for. Newzmate also provides very flexible subscription methods so you can add any link, category or keyword or even try combining them all.
The developers of Newzmate have been involved in technology and business for over a decade and it shows. They know that for every big story there are many different views of the events. Newzmate means to capture all those different views to give you (and the many researchers who will love this app) a more complete picture. If you are the kind of person that loves sharing the latest stories on what's going on in the world with your social networking friends, Newzmate could well become the source of your content. It's easy to use and an  ultra convenient way of getting ALL the news that the rest of them ain't getting.