Developer description

Next Up is the first full-featured podcast alarm clock in the App Store. Set any podcast as an alarm and start the day with a more engaging wake-up experience.

Next Up is integrated, intuitive, attractive, and feature-full.

It syncs with the native Podcasts app, so there’s no need to manage podcasts in more than one place. With subscriptions and auto-downloads turned on in the Podcasts app, new episodes will show up automatically. You don’t even need to open the app when the alarm goes off if you don’t want.

Next Up lets you customize every alarm. Pick a time and a podcast. Repeat alarms on specific days of the week. Choose the volume, the snooze duration, the playback order. Even skip past the early ads and long intros.

It also includes a white noise generator, and a tab where users can discover and recommend good podcasts to wake up to.

Next Up is for people like me who hate waking up to grating alarm sounds, songs they’ll soon grow to hate, or an un-customizable, ad-filled radio station.

Last updated 19 Jun 2020

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