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Ever wish you could be there to celebrate your friend’s (co-workers, relative’s, sons or daughter’s) Birthday, or join them at a local bar to toast them on their, Graduation, or a recent Promotion? But you just couldn’t get there? Well, welcome to NEXTROUND, the drink-gifting app that’s the next best thing to being there!

With one click, you can toast your friend virtually by filling their “fridge” with virtual drink(s) they can cash in when they so choose... at any bar, anywhere, anytime. Forward them the funds for a beer, a glass of wine, or maybe a shot or two! Or jump it up to a larger celebration by buying them a “fun round” (that’s enough to cover their group), or splurge on a bottle of Bubbly to really get their night off to a great start!

With NextRound, you simply click on the drink icon you wish to buy, pay for it, and send it on its way. The lucky recipient just opens their NextRound app, reads your celebratory note, clicks open their virtual “fridge” to receive your gift, and that’s it… Party time!

Giving a gift has never been easier or more fun. Start your toasting now!

Last updated 21 Aug 2019

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