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NextStories is a bookmarklet, that works as a kind of news feed reader, where you don’t need to ... More

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Published 6 Aug 2012

If you are a bit of a news junkie like myself you will be on the search continually for interesting news stories that you might not find in regular circles. Sometimes the best way to find what you are looking for is to just go with the flow and truly surf the net going from one story to another. But there are better ways. NextStories is an intuitive kind of bookmarklet application that delivers a constant stream of news stories based on your current viewing pleasure. So, if you are hunting down stories about, let's say Mitt Romney's tax imbroglio or the climate change debate, NextStories will seamlessly lead you more in that direction.
NextStories offers you the latest stories from similar sites in a never-ending stream of news stories about your favorite topics. Just clip the NextStories bookmarklet onto the bookmarks bar of your browser and, when you've finished reading a particular story and have started thinking which site or article to go to next, you can just click on the NextStories bookmarklet. Thankfully, without signing up to anything or having to endure any boring and lengthy setups. Unlike many other bookmarklets though, NextStories concentrates wholeheartedly on news stories from around the globe and displays snapshots of articles from  similar sites in grid format with the snapshots in a news reader over the top of the current page making it easy to choose whichever story to read next. Nextstories will show the latest articles from...