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Published 6 Aug 2012

[cont'd] similar sites to the page you are currently reading, in a grid layout, overlaying the current page. Articles are arranged into columns with each column representing a certain level of relevance. Each column has its timeline, so you can choose from the most up-to-date stories at the top or scroll down for more but less current stories. NextStories' makes it convenient and easy to continue reading about your favorite topics and discover interesting stories as well as new websites. When you find something cool to read you can the easily save it and share it with one click via your favorite social networks.
There are enough bookmarklet apps out there to fill Lake Tahoe but very few of them manage to stir me into a modicum of interest. For some reason, though, I'm drawn to NextStories. I would guess its probably down to the constant stream of news that I would normally have to go and hunt out individually. The other thing, of course, is that it has introduced me to media that I wouldn't normally search out which is great. But its not just that. I really like the format of a constant stream of stories and it's very convenient to zoom in on the specific story that interests me....and then it leads me to another interesting place. NextStories is a bookmarklet that I'll actually use.