NightShot –x Night Vision Slow Shutter Speed Photography (Photos and Videos in low light) View website

Developer description

We are thrilled to announce a "Night Vision (Photo & Video)" application. Whenever you need to take picture or video at low luminosity condition on iPhone or iPad this application is right for you. The application was maturing almost one year; this is the tool second generation where a sophisticated algorithm is developed to get an unprecedented quality from a device camera. Realistic and nice design advantageously stands the application apart from all the similar apps in the market.

The tool technical specification:

- Amplifier picker (change camera sensitivity during the shooting)
- Color saturation picker
- Green amplification mode
- Fast exposure
- Front, rear camera
- Led light
- HD photo video mode
- Focus refresh button
- Up to 8x zoom is supported
- Built In library (organize taken photos and videos)
- Photo video slider
- E-mail photo video share
- Facebook photo video share
- Twitter photo video share
- Dropbox photo video share

Last updated 6 Aug 2015