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Published 15 Feb 2013

After the last US election, Barack Obama's chief strategist David Axelrod's skoffed when it was suggested that his boss had made a gaffe when talking about a particular sensitive subject in an off the cuff interview. At this level of Government, Axelrod stated, nothing is done by accident and every word and nuance is planned to the nth degree. You can also use this logic to produce a perfect marketing and advertising campaign. Businesses that use Instagram as an advertising medium now have a new set of analytical and marketing tools to boost their coffers.
Given that Instagram now boasts a very impressive 90 million plus active users it is easy to see how it has been utilized as an advertising medium.  Them's a lot of bums on seats to sell your product to. What's more, they concentrate most of their activity on 40% of the world's top brands making it vital for strategic planning if your brand isn't one of them.  Nitrogram is an advanced analytics and social media marketing platform for Instagram that was designed primarily for marketers to push their product to the max. These advertising professionals use Nitrogram to measure, benchmark and boost their presence on the photo sharing social phenomenon that Instagram has turned into. Track important metrics including the numbers of photos, the engagement of your audience and potential impressions on #hashtags and @accounts.  Get notifications on new relevant photos and identify your brand...