Developer description

These days, Element Management Systems and Network Management Systemsrequire a scalable, reliable and highly available. management solutions with an advanced suite of features. Nocvue helps clients attain their business objectives in the rapidly changing. Networking market. The professional service provides system engineering, implementation and custom application development services, as well. As consulting services for software architecture and model development. Nocvue serves a diverse range of enterprise IT, networking and. Telecom customers. Velankani Communications Technologies, the parent company of Nocvue’s provides the consulting and engineering services to. Support Nocvue products and related offerings. Nocvue’s service is completely customer benefits oriented. It aims at providing more and more. Positive output at an affordable price. The support team is always open for any assistance. The framework includes feature like accelerated time-to-market, flexibility and extensive customization capabilities, scalability, user friendly GUI, cost effective solution, rapid. Integration of new devices and services, SNMP standards compliant, comprehensive functionality ,vendor specific. Configuration screens, chassis views etc. Networking equipment vendors and other management solution providers can rely on Nocvue for building OEM software for Network management such as Element Management Systems and Network Management Systems. In a recent highly competitive market of networking, Nocvue holds a dominating position among EMS Companies and NMS Companies. Occasionally, it becomes a hassling task for the network Equipment manufacturers and operators to evaluate, purchase and integrate sets of new software tools which are effortlessly customisable for managing their kit in a network environs. Nocvue has made the whole process easy, user friendly and time saving With Nocvue, the vendors.

Last updated 12 Jan 2014