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Turn your iOS into a stage ready drum computer

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Noisepad is a user friendly drum computer, sequencer and beat ... More

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Published 3 Oct 2012

Noisepad is the brainchild of Dutch live DJ Chuckie. He came up with this user-friendly and very powerful drum computer, sequencer and beat creator for iOS to augment his live shows. Onstage, he can be seen tapping away on hs iPad and creating audacious beats and samples with this easy to use music application. Noisepad is a very impressive music application that is designed for live work. - whether it be at a party or on the world's biggest stage. Now you might lookI bit silly on stage with your iPhone but the iPad has been turned into a musical instrument.
Chuckie was In a need of  live sampling on stage to combine with his standard gear so he  came up with this mobile tool for live performances and called it, rather appropriately, Noisepad. This drum computer has been designed to give you the most functionality and fun without having to go through a steep learning curve. After installation you’ll find 5 preloaded soundbanks of 12 samples each, ready to start the beat making and you’ll be bouncing your head within 5 minutes, that’s a promise! The onboard sequencer allows you to program up to 12 patterns on-the-fly, each with their own duration  of between 1 and 99 bars. Switching between patterns is seamless as the sequencer makes sure the next pattern starts when the current has finished. You can apply effects to the pattern, mute samples or have them playing solo on your command. Adjust the Beats Per...