Developer description

Noknok - Always know who is calling you (even if they don't want you to)

-- Noknok has a new unbelievable feature: You think your friends really like you?
-- Noknok tells you how your friends named you in their contacts!!
-- It's time for you to know what people really think about you!!!

*****The must have app for girls who want to stop random guys from calling them!
****Always know who's that guy that keeps calling you!
***Tired of the wrong guys calling you for the wrong reasons?
**Make sure you'll never have to answer a stalker again!

- If they don't deserve your time, make sure they can't reach you.
- No more reverse number awkward services
- No need for FB investigations any more!

- because its a #WOMANS world
- Make sure YOU get to choose
- See the name & picture ID of people calling you, even if they're not in your contacts.

- Manage your time and energy wisely by knowing which calls deserves your attention.
- Activate NOKNOK on your missed calls so you can know which call deserves a callback.
- Your time is precious - NOKNOK gives you the power you need to manage it!

Noknok - choose your phone, choose your style, choose your calls. Because knowledge is power.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015

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