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Print directly from your Android device! Fast and free!

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Published 20 Dec 2018

Android phones and tablets have proven over the years to be a worthy rival to the behemoth that is Apple and they can do many of the things that iOS is famous for. They can store all your favorite music, take and store great photos and they can handle very large documents with ease. What's that other thing they can do? Ahhh yes, you can even make phone calls with them. They're a bit like the transponder from the Star Trek series though I don't think they've mastered beaming Scotty up yet. One of the many other things they can do is to print images directly from the device.

Whilst doing research for this app however, I discovered that, while printing from Android is one of its many features, it can be a damned complicated and confusing thing to do if you aren't a bit of a computer whizz. So, to make life easier' we are here to tell you about the NokoPrint app for Android. This simple, effective and totally free photo and printing app makes printing anything directly from your Android so much easier.

NokoPrint lets you print everything directly from your Android device quickly and for no cost apart from the paper and ink from your printer. No more tracking to the photo store and no more forking out dollars to get them professionally printed up. You aren't, of course, just limited to photos when it comes to printing. As well...