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What is your porn name, anyway?

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Nomenclature is the science of naming things. Ever wonder what your DJ Name is? How about the ... More

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Published 28 Jan 2016

I'm sure everyone has, at some point, played the 'what's your porn star name' game. I guess the most popular way of playing it is by using your pet's name as your first name and coupling it with the name of the street that you first lived in as your surname. For me that means I would become Buffy Wellington if I were ever to chance my arm in the porn industry. One thing's for sure, when you add something like alcohol,  it's a game that'll be guaranteed to break the ice at parties and delivers a hell of a lot of  laughs in the process.

Nomenclature is a very simple and fun new party game for iOS that runs along similar lines to that game and aims to deliver just as many laughs. It calls itself the 'science of naming things' and is one of  first games developed by newcomer Justin Heinzer and his company, Ideal Fortress.  The idea here is to get together with some friends, download the app, pick a category and click and get started. I should also add,  that while definitely not condoning excess drinking, you'll probably find that alcohol will probably help to get things going even better.

If you check out the meaning of the word Nomenclature online you'll find a rather vague description of what it actually means. Basically, it's a system of names that are used to describe someone or something - especially in the fields of science or the arts. I can't realistically claim that this game will be used to further those noble exploits, however. It will more than likely be used to find out the name you'll use if you were to become a DJ or the name of the rock band you'd form that would knock Coldplay off the top spot. It'll also undoubtedly be used to come up with that porn name that I mentioned earlier...

The app itself is a simple one to use though you will need to have iOS 9.1 to run it. I also have to say that it's not recommended for the young ones amongst us as it's rated 17+. This is because of it's frequent references to sex, drugs, profanity, mature themes and its general crude humor. The game is free to play but there's an upgrade that unlocks an extra 50 categories and topics for under a buck.

If Nomenclature is one thing, it's a barrel full of laughs that will provide hours of spontaneous fun for you and your friends. It's no glamor show to look at with the graphics being basic but, to its credit, they are very clear to understand. Just pop in your category and click away to create hilarious names of  DJ's (as if many of them aren't hilarious enough already) , your boy band name or even the name of things like your very own fictitious dream board game. Nomenclature is available in the App Store right now for iPhone, iPad and IPod touch.

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