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Published 20 Dec 2013

When Flipboard won 'app of the year' a few years ago it was the start of a new way of looking at content on the Internet. Rather than viewing feeds in the normal fragmented way, the app turned them into the most glorious, flickable, 'magazine-style' format that made it a sheer pleasure to look through your content. It was only a matter of time before that concept was tweaked into an excellent publishing application like NOOWIT. This handsome-looking application prioritizes your content to deliver all your news stories from all your favorite sources in a user-friendly and beautiful online magazine.
The way we read our news has changed dramatically over the last couple of years - and its about to change even more. With more and more newspapers monetizing their websites, many of us are searching alternative places to give us our daily news. These days, with so many diverse news-gathering avenues available to us, it can turn into a messy and time consuming exercise just trying to search through the vast amount of content and find the stuff that matters to you. If you end up going through too much irrelevant content to discover those few articles that are essential for keeping up to date with your job, your passion or your hobby, then maybe you should take a look at NOOWIT. It uses a unique Adaptive Information Filtering core and evaluates every piece of content from your favorite sources - whether they be sites, blogs or people - according to...