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Published 2 Jul 2019

Do you remember those heady days when the main people that our banks existed for were the people who invested in it - regular folks like you and me? It wasn't so long ago. The thing that kept banks in the business of banking back then were the small and medium sized businesses and mums and dads. It was their regular injections of cash that forged the great banks as we know them today. Unfortunately, the whole emphasis changed when big companies started to throw their weight around and shareholders became the major priorities of the banking world. In fact, the last few years have been a bit of a nightmare for small and medium sized businesses who are really only now starting to recover from the GFC in 2008-9.

So it's a very pleasant surprise to see new banks emerging with the same spirit that those early banks did. Banks that have geared their business model towards helping out new start-ups, small business and freelancers who are on the frontline of a new look America. It's these companies that will forge forwards and provide all the goods and services that America thrives on. They will also end up providing many of the jobs that will keep America working and will go some way to redressing the balance between the haves and the have nots in the business world.

NorthOne is an online only, business banking platform for iOS that's designed specifically for American start-ups, small businesses...