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An online bank that's perfect for small business, sole traders and freelancers

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Published 2 Jul 2019

[cont'd] and freelancers. It's simple to create a business bank account and it will only take you about 3 minutes to be up and running. It carries a whole bunch of great features that compare favorably with Main Street banking but the big difference here is that that it gears it's transactions in favor of smaller businesses and helps make it easier for them to face the challenges of staying afloat and ultimately thriving. 

Being online only, NorthOne has no branches and there's no paperwork involved. It does, however, have many time and money saving features.  For a start, it's Government assured with company debit cards, dedicated tax accounts - where you can share account numbers, transaction details and custom reports, easy payments direct from your phone, mobile check deposits - you'll never have to wait in line again - and ATM withdrawals and deposits making banking simple. You can give read-only account access to your bookkeeper so you won't have to play the middleman ever again and your team - who all have separate logins - can have account access so they can send payments and deposit money at will. NorthOne makes it easy to understand your revenue and spending and you won't need a finance degree to comprehend the system so it's perfect for sole traders, freelancers and small teams. However, if you do get stuck, there's 24/7 live chat support to help you out.

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