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Published 2 Jul 2019

[cont'd] and medium sized businesses for granted a bit these days. The media is filled with stories about mega huge businesses like Apple, Amazon and McDonalds but it's rare you see a news story about small suburban business. They don't tend to make the front pages of the newspaper yet they are the lifeblood of our societies. In many cases, their workers are the ones who will make their way up the business ladder and their leaders will be the ones who go on to run the top businesses around the country in a decade or two. It's wise for banks to nurture them. A bank was once the champion of the small business owner. It made their lives easier and their companies successful.  Businesses still need that champion, but today’s banks have dropped the ball. With the emergence of new technologies, new business models and the change in customer behavior in the last ten years it's now possible for a bank like NorthOne to become the go-to place for small business. The app is now available for download for iOS through TestFlight.