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Published 15 May 2012

When your kids are at home you know they are safe and under your watchful eye. When they are at school they are in the capable hands of teachers. But what about when they are on the way to school in the school bus? Who is responsible for their safety then? NorthStar is a free GPS tracker and more that tracks the location, safety, security and activities of school children and the school buses as they travel to and from school in real time.
NorthStar is a cloud-based app that is not just another GPS tracker, though.  It's main focus, of course, is to ensure the safety of school children and make sure that no one is hurt or, God forbid,  die in school bus accidents. In the case of an accident, the parents, authorities, community, officials and hospitals are notified instantly and automatically minimizing the possibilty of deaths or permanent injury in an accident. It takes a unique approach to child safety, by *helping* school bus drivers and transporters become better and more caring drivers. It lets you track your school buses, vans and other vehicles used to transport children, ensuring their safety and security. It will notify you of their impending arrival at pick up and drop off stops while monitoring unsafe driving and the poor driving skills of others. It will even monitor your child's attendance and possible truancy.  For the bus operator it can save you money by optimizing your...