Developer description

Note Defender is a fast paced arcade game that offers a quick way to learn to read music by blasting alien ships. This unique approach makes sight reading music fun and exciting.

For many, the struggle to sight read music can be a tedious affair. For this reason, simply out of boredom many give up without ever reaching any level of fluency, and never return to music.

By using the context of a game, learning the notes is fast, effortless and free of negative associations.

Note Defender is easy to use: arm your weapon by pressing the correct keyboard key corresponding to the note on the enemy ship, and then fire. Very quickly using this method, you will find yourself learning the notes.

Note Defender features options to teach both bass and treble clef, building slowly on the notes that you learn, continually incorporating new musical notes as you improve. As the notes are mastered, the speed of the aliens increases, so the game continues to be engaging. There are many levels, and many enemies, to keep things exciting.

Last updated 5 Mar 2014