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NoteLedge is a robust note-taking application that combines handwriting, typing, audio input and ... More

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Published 23 May 2012

Time to pay attention I think because this note-taking application for iPad and iOS is a little gem. NoteLedge out performs similar apps because it is packed with features and combines handwriting, sketching and typing as well as audio and video input to keep all your notes and research in one snappy and very attractive package. There is even a really good little editing tool called Navigator thrown in for good measure that gives you the ability to crop and personalize your pictures and text and paste wherever you like on the screen.
NoteLedge is a robust note-taking application that combines handwriting, sketching, typing, audio input and video recording all in one package. It was developed by the people that provided the high quality apps PDF Connoisseur, PDF Reader and Animation Desk. It is easy to use, great looking and filled with detailed and useful features. But what makes NoteLedge really stand out is its cutting-edge patented feature called Navigator - a gadget that provides you with the ability to crop pictures and text in a personalized way and paste them anywhere on the screen. The bottom line with NoteLedge is its ridiculously good usability. There are heaps of other things available here that I haven't even told you about - I figured it might be a nice surprise when you download it to discover all the other features.
iPad users in particular will love NoteLedge as it fills a gap especially if you use your tablet as much as many of us do these days. The ability to crop, edit and share your multimedia notes from one place is astounding and far exceeds the standard iPad notepad. But that's not all. There's even a photo, audio and text editor that lets you add filters and effects and, in a rather unique touch, even let's you embed videos. There's even a drawing tool if you feel arty. NoteLedge has received high marks from many highly reliable review sites such as iPhone Life, the iPhone app review and  iPhoneGlance and was featured as “New and Noteworthy” in the App Stores of Japan, Australia, and New Zealand. I really can't recommend NoteLedge highly enough.

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