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Published 7 Sep 2015

[cont'd] can then add photos and images to your secured notes and be assured that you won't have to worry about snoopers or hackers stealing your ideas again. The password is simple to set up and there is a choice of a very secure password, a unique PIN or a complex pattern to secure your credentials. If you are concerned about people watching over your shoulder, you can activate the 'panic switch' which will quickly activate a decoy app to throw them off the track. It’s also possible to monitor previous hack attempts on the device so that you can nail potential hackers and prevent them from repeating their actions. Notes Lock also has a built in calendar view, giving you the flexibility to organize and review your schedule. Finally, there’s an option to backup your notes and voice memos to your Dropbox in the cloud, taking away the worry of losing important notes and voice memos.

The developers of Notes Lock have long been considered one of the leaders in hardcore security based PC software and mobile applications and this iOS app continues that trend. It looks good, it works well, it's simple to use and it's completely free. It can be used by everyone and anyone including students who can record lectures and keep them secure, at work for keeping important information from falling into the wrong hands or at home to stop your family and their prying eyes. And we can...