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Published 19 Apr 2013

The worst problem with keeping a note taking application on your iDevice is that they never really get used. I'm still constantly astounded by friends who, despite having perfectly fine note-taking apps on their iPhone, still pull out a pen and paper when they need to take notes, phone numbers or important details down. One can only assume that the apps they have are not user-friendly enough. So when an app like NotesBox comes along it is easy to see how it could well gazump all the others and become the industry standard.  NotesBox looks like a million dollars and let's you manage and organize your in a simple, easy-to-use and intuitive way.
Finally, here's a notes app that is actually worth using. NotesBox is a smart and beautiful-looking note-taking application that offers a stunning user interface and slick and clear navigation. Managing and organizing your notes has never looked quite so good and been quite so easy. The key features of NotesBox include the ability to create as many different notes as you want and reliably save an infinite amount in your NoteBoxes using core data. For those of us wanting to take notes 'on-the-run' using the Quick Note option where you can simply tap and start typing and email a note to yourself in as little as two taps.  Move your notes around with ease and reposition, rename or change the colour of a NotesBox at anytime. It offers a lightning fast and intuitive user interface where you can search your individual NoteBoxes and see the results immediately.
There are literally hundreds of note taking apps on the market so why aren't they used more? Why do we still keep copious amounts of pieces of paper or notepads in our jacket pockets and pens galore in our top pockets when it would be even easier to just pull out your iDevice and do it with a couple of taps. The simple answer is that it's inconvenient. To my mind, there is going to be little better to get the humble note-taking app over the tipping point than NotesBox. It is convenient, intuitive and slips in your pocket very neatly. You can easily manage your notes and file them in different 'boxes' making them easily accessible and offer a much more flexible device than a pen and paper - not to mention the other 99 over complicated note taking apps on the market. Attention to detail is of paramount importance here and NotesBox seems to be one of the most flexible and useful note taking apps around.

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