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These notes will self destruct in ten seconds...

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The idea behind NoteShred is simple. You create a note, assign it a password and then select how ... More

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Published 16 Apr 2013

We've all heard the classic "Mission Impossible" sound bite where, after the agents have listened to the taped message, it announces that "this tape will self destruct in five seconds." Well, NoteShred is the online equivalent of the time-sensitive message. After you have sent your private note, message or document to the recipient you can decide how long they can have access to it. It ensures that you don't have important or private information isn't just sitting in someone's email in box where it could be access by others.
You might have seen a couple of reviews that FeedMyApp ran recently called iDelete and ReadOnce. They were time sensitive apps that deleted the photo or video content within a number of seconds of viewing and were designed to save the blushes of folks who like to send pictures of their...well, you know what I mean. Ask Anthony Weiner if you aren't sure. NoteShred does the same sort of thing but is probably designed with important or private information in mind than the humble Weiner (if you see what I mean.) The idea is simple. You create a note, assign it a password and then select how and when you would like the note to "shred" itself. Your note has a unique URL with which you can send to a recipient along with a password for them to open the note. You decide when you would like the note to destroy itself so you...