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These notes will self destruct in ten seconds...

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Published 16 Apr 2013

[cont'd] can feel better knowing that your sensitive information isn't sitting in someone's inbox in clear text. The "shredding" happens automatically. This could be immediately after someone reads it or at a particular point of time in the future. NoteShred notifies you once your note is shredded or deleted via email so you can rest easy knowing your sensitive information is no longer just laying around in someones inbox.  It might be your social security information you are sending or your bank details. NoteShred let's you deliver the information but it is destroyed after the recipient has finished with it.
I'm surprised there aren't more of these security apps on the market given the high volume of information that we share these days. While we have our private information under control in our own hands, that is not necessarily the case with people that you share your information with. NoteShred is a simple and free way to solve that problem. You can send notes to anyone you like via email and all they need is the password to view them. This easy to use app then let's them see the note for a pre-destined time before the message self destructs - never to be seen again. NoteShred doesn't require any registration or user accounts and is completely free with no commitment.