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Published 31 Oct 2011

This site is obviously still in the development stage as 80% of the functions are still "coming soon". Either that or the cash has run out and finding more is proving difficult. I must say if I’d been asked to consider funding it I would have probably politely declined. Let’s consider the ground breaking capability of the app. Firstly it’s a note taking system that allows you to" take notes quickly and browse your archive".

The speed of note taking however is surely down to how fast you can type into the simulated notepaper background? The default font also gives a handwritten effect to help keep up with the note taking feel. Once you’ve written your note you can hit the only other currently working function and get a shortened URL which can be shared around with anyone who needs to see the contents.

The features still to come include attach, print, send and account with the final one no doubt the place where you can eventually view your archive. So at the moment you can write a note and get a URL link to share with friends, family or colleagues and I reckon you are probably now starting to think along the same lines as me; what is the point? Call me old fashioned but I recall something with similar capabilities being developed a while ago and I believe it goes by the catchy name of email. With it you can write notes and actually send them to a circulation list, you can attach documents to your notes and you can print and archive them too.

Of course you could also use email to send the shortened URL of the separate note you’ve written on a completely different system like just for the sheer hell of it!


I just hope they haven’t spent too much on it!

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