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NoviSign provides a modern Software as a Service solution for complete digital signage. The ... More

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Published 10 Dec 2012

I guess you'd have to say that digital signage is pretty much the equivalent of the old school billboard. When you get it right, signage can be a fabulous marketing tool that is easy to use and gets your message across to your customers in a clean, concise way. Get it wrong, however, and you have an IT nightmare and your customers will be wanting to 'change channel' and find something else to keep them occupied. Novisign is an SaaS, cloud-based advertising and promotion application that manages and simplifies the whole digital signage experience.
NoviSign provides a modern Software as a Service solution for complete digital signage. The cloud-based application is the perfect way to create and manage campaigns as it removes the need for backup, server management, software installation and any other IT-related ‘headaches.’ NoviSign is kinda like an upmarket Cool Mojito for Facebook in that it provides a simple way to design a campaign using attractive looking themed templates and requires little or no technical knowledge or design skills. In fact, you can create, schedule, broadcast and manage your campaigns in just a few steps. Create your campaign using a mixture of photos, video, flash animation and rolling or static text to deliver your message. Add widgets like a clock, RSS and YouTube feeds as well as shapes and backgrounds and logos to provide a rich environment for your digital management. The app provides a unique ‘White Label’ for partners, allowing you to use NoviSign as a ‘back office’ embedded in your own Web site, completely transparent to your customers. If, however, you are happy to have the site's logo tastefully festooned over your site then it becomes free. Get creative and mix and match your media and create split screen advertising then use the intuitive editor to tie everything together. Put together a playlist to keep your viewers happy and keep everyone in the know. With just a few clicks you can be broadcasting your product around the world.
NoviSign is a great set of tools for the inexperience advertiser to use to get his message across. I still use Cool Mojito as a cheap, convenient and attractive way of promoting products through Facebook and NoviSign really does come across as Mojito's big brother. It basically allows you to put a really classy looking campaign together in a short amount of time and with minimum fuss using all sorts of rich media to embellish it. If you are happy to have their logo on your product you won't pay a thing but, if you have many screens and clients you might want to take a look at the paid option. Still a cost effective way of getting your message across.

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