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Now Novel is an online writing course for first time novel writers. It is like "paint by ... More

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Published 1 Oct 2013

It wasn't that long ago that I had an idea to write my first novel. I was fascinated with the concept of so many celebrities dying at the age of 27 (check it out...I'm serious) and I was thinking f a way of weaving the idea into a credible story. Needless to say, the idea of typing the whole thing out and working out various plot lines with little or no blueprint to work from got to me and the project got put on the back burner. The next thing I know, I'm casually doing an Internet search on '27' and there it is. Someone had written a screenplay and made a movie of the story that I wanted to write. I'd been beaten to the punch because I didn't have the technology or motivation to write it. If only this fine writing application had been around then... Now Novel is a new creative application for first time would be novelists that guides you step-by-step through the gamut of novel writing from the initial idea right through to the magic words - The End.
If you love writing but struggle to settle on one idea or can't quite seem to find the time to write a paragraph, let alone finish the whole damned thing then a writing app like Now Novel could be just what you are looking for. It takes all the complicated business out of writing a book and gives you all the guidance that you need. guidance,  Now Novel is an online writing course for first time writers that acts almost like a "painting by numbers" for novel writing. Not only does it help you find your idea (which, in my case, was my "27" storyline) but it also helps finesse it by adding various plot lines and characters as well other important background detail like where and when it is set. Then the leaves it to you to do the important, creative stuff like actually writing it. For extra help for you, the app backs all this up with a writing community to encourage, inspire and motivate you and ensure that you finish writing your novel. The developers have compiled the latest in novel-writing techniques, helpful mentorship and consistent motivation to give you the best 'leg-up' you could get in this business.
Now Novel was developed by noted author Bridget McNulty to help wannabe writers get started on their novel. Her step-by-step and very easy to use writing program makes the potential novelist's life a lot easier by providing the tools to make you think. Writing a book is a daunting idea and this app helps you along all the way with guidelines as to how to structure and plan your work and give it a better chance of actually getting finished. Now Novel has been lauded with many great reviews and accolades - not the least being Oprah Winfrey - and even gives you the chance for one-on-one mentorship to ensure the best possibility of you getting to the finish line and writing those final words with confidence.

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