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Published 9 Mar 2016

[cont'd] doesn’t charge you by the number of users you have or the team members you add - so you are free to grow your user base exponentially at a very reasonable price.

The app lets you map your conversation history and onsite activity as well as being able to talk directly to visitors and help build a lasting relationship. You can track all the features that visitors use and, more importantly, the ones that they don't use. Its easy to add team members to specific conversations, assign tasks and help customers when they need you the most whilst organizing your business better by segmenting customers based on their user properties and their product usage.

Nudgespot Messenger aims to change the way that business interacts with its customers. It enables and actively encourages proactive communication to take customer support to the next level. It gives business instant communication with online customers to provide the closest thing to face-to-face interaction available. Marketers can reach customers through instant in-app messaging, email or through their browser. If you'd like to try it out, there is a basic version of Nudgespot available for free that includes many of the features we've talked about in this review. There are also other pricing plans that range from US$49 per month to $399 per month depending on your needs and your enthusiasm. Right now, the app is in public beta mode and access is by invitation only. If you are looking to join the...