Developer description

As web search has gotten better at answering questions, it's gotten worse at revealing the fascinating, unexpected and interesting stuff. General search engines like Google give us the illusion of exploring the Web, but most results come from the same top web properties. Specialized websites are often hard to find.

Nuggety brings back human expertise and discovery to the search process. Nuggety reimagines metasearch as a user-driven, latently-social tool for search and discovery. Part bookmarking site, part search directory, Nuggety is a way to share your expertise on a topic and benefit from the expertise of others. On Nuggety, every website is a potential search engine. You simply list your favorite websites and Nuggety turns them into a working "search list" with one unified search box. In other words, users can instantly create their own search verticals as broad as "video search" or as narrow as "San Francisco newspapers" or "Retailers that carry Marc Jacobs handbags".

Behind the scenes, Nuggety has a powerful engine that finds and extracts search forms from any website. If a site doesn't have an internal search engine, Nuggety defaults to showing the Google results for that website. There's also an option to search your group of sites with Google, which can be useful when you just want to filter Google's results.

There is a belief that search is a solved problem, but search has more than one side. Google's objective is to quickly answer questions, but it is poorly designed for discovery and resource gathering. Nuggety wants to help people discover and explore the depths of Web.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015