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Numbeo is the largest free Internet database about the cost of living worldwide!
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Published 19 Sep 2011

Billed purely as a worldwide cost of living comparison site, clearly has ideas to expand beyond that, more of which will be touched on later.

Totally free, and with content that can be altered by anyone with an internet connection, the site is obviously keen to disclaim any responsibility for total accuracy. Having said that it does contain useful information which is constantly being updated by users on the move, and the more contributors coming to the party the more accurate the averages will be.

Contributors to the site can enter a city name and then add any price information they’ve recently been made aware of to a very comprehensive list of items. So if you want to know the average price of a bottle of beer in Lahore or how much a pair of Levi’s might set you back in Adelaide, the site will give you an indication.

Apart from everyday items the site also lists the average cost for things like utilities, rent, transport and mortgages and goes on to give an indication of average salaries too. As well as providing a city index the site extends to a give the same information on a countrywide basis and in all cases the information is summarised at the end in the form of a pie chart.  

Although still in need of a lot more contributions to make the figures more robust you can gauge the reliance to some degree by checking the level of contributions that make up an entry. For instance the information for London is currently based on 916 entries from 152 different contributors over an 18 month period.

As for adding new services the site currently has tabs for traffic, crime, healthcare and pollution comparisons all of which are in the seeding phase and requiring a lot more contributions to make the figures reliable.

As a free service this site could be very useful for those whose job or lifestyle involves a substantial amount of travel.

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