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A new numbers puzzle game to help clear your mind

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Number Flow is a new number puzzle for iOS and Android that is a combination between 'Flow Free' ... More

Editor's review

Published 8 May 2019

It wasn't that long ago that every second person you saw playing games on the bus would be playing Sudoku. You could tell that's what they were playing from miles away because you could see their fingers moving in the way that only Sudoku players' fingers move. I'm sure that you know what I mean. Unfortunately, the game seems to have taken a bit of a back seat of late with other similar games like Kenken and Flow Free coming to the fore. However, none of them have had the same effect on society as the Sudoku phenomenon yet. 

If you love playing numbers games then, the chances are, you will love this one. Number Flow is a numbers puzzle game for iOS and Android that sits somewhere between Sudoku and Flow Free. It's the perfect game for those of us who love those addictive, mind bending puzzles and mental exercises to keep our brains sharp and our minds active. The aim of the game is quite a simple one at the outset. 

The idea is to move from one numbered block to the next with your goal being to eventually select all of the blocks on the grid. So, just start off by choosing a block that contains a number before selecting any connecting blocks that equal the number on the first block you picked. From the last square that you picked, select another block that contains a number. Repeat this action until all the blocks have been selected. But, don't forget that every block you tap must be next to the previous block tapped. 

The levels start pretty easy, to get you used to playing but then gradually they'll get harder as you move through the levels. You can take your time and correct mistakes along the way without having to go right back to the beginning but, don't panic too much if you get stuck on a level, as you can use the in-built hints if you get stuck on a particular level. Thankfully, there are no ads between levels to distract you and slow you down and the app features some quite calming background music to relax your mind while playing. The design of the game is simple and clean and the developers have added a couple of new levels for this version. You can now share your level pack progress with your friends and, after completing a level, the share button will also show an image of the board as well as the time it took you to complete the board.

It's said that playing numbers games are not only good to stimulate the mind, they are also good for keeping Alzheimers and dementia at bay. I'm not sure how true that is but it wouldn't surprise me in the least. What is certain though is that playing them induces a sense of calmness and relaxation in people. It doesn't matter where you are or what you are doing, a quick session of Number Flow - whether you are on the bus to work or relaxing after dinner - takes the mind away from the stresses of the day and gives one a chance to 'take a breath' and clear the mind. Numbers Flow is available to download now for free for iPhone, iPad or Android at their relevant app stores. 

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